"To capture an extraordinary image,
You have to open yourself, before you open the aperture"
Maurice Lohrke

I adore light..
Photography for me is more than camera settings, exposure times and things like this.
Photography for me has a philosophical approach to life, the pursuit of light.
In my images I want to show the beauty of people, want to show
that every single person shines for him or herself.
Everyone is beautiful!

Photography for me is the conclusion of everything i have learned in my life so far.
It is the reflection of myself onto the world and the reflection of the world, the people on me. All of my pictures mirror and combine both sides into one image.

It is my great adventure to get in connection with people, locations and light and i am always overwhelmed, how beautiful the world and people are.

If you like my work, you want to cooperate or book me, please feel more than welcome to get in touch with me at any time.
Even if you do not have concrete pictures in your mind, just get in touch, I promise, I will sacrifice all of my passion and love for photography into your project.

Maurice Lohrke